About the ancient hurricane

       The ancient hurricane is a civilian furniture brand created by Zhongshan Meitu Furniture. Zhongshan Meitu Furniture Co., Ltd. is located in Shenwan Town, Zhongshan City. It is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in furniture R&D, production, sales and service for more than ten years. Equipped with international advanced production equipment and management specifications, carefully selected raw materials, strict control of production links, more than 20 Chinese and foreign designers provide rich and innovative design for products, excellent environmental quality, perfect after-sales service, furniture The products have been well-known at home and abroad for many years and are favored by many consumers at home and abroad.

       The ancient hurricane, dedicated to the new Chinese furniture art, has a distinctive brand image, inherits the profound Chinese cultural heritage, blends Chinese and Western design elements, advocating the comfort, beauty and simplicity of the design spirit, the traditional Chinese culture and modern The perfect blend of lifestyles. The product is sleek and exquisite, and the details are handled with ingenuity. The new home-centered concept of home-centeredness will be given to consumers.


The style of Chinese-style home can be varied, traditional or modern, and the spirit and charm of Chinese style is a style, a complex of local culture.

The ancient hurricane, keeping the solid and new, breaking the old pattern of traditional Chinese home, inheriting and innovating the traditional Chinese style, organically combining modern elements, creating the traditional charm with the aesthetic needs of modern people, reflecting the modern Inclusiveness and humanity.

The products of the Gufeng brand reflect a spirit of inheritance and innovation. The home products not only inherit the charm of traditional culture, but also take into account the modern people's understanding and pursuit of life. They are free from the traditional Chinese style and pursue the solemn elegance and lack of fashion and warm stereotypes, so that traditional art can be properly reflected in today's society.


Chinese New Generation

In different eras, the specific dedication of Chinese home design has never changed. Home life is not only the home itself, but also a life attitude and way.

Nowadays, the relationship between furniture and space environment is no longer so simple. They have more and more intersections: the integration of design and consumption, the integration of life and ideas, the integration of secular and noble, the integration of modern and traditional. The integration of China and the world, the East and the West, fashion and conservatism, and material and spiritual constitute the elements of our lives today.

The ancient hurricane, as a lifestyle integrator, brings to people a kind of speech-style design of the whole case. With the understanding of traditional Chinese furniture style, the interpretation of the market, the balance between tradition and modern aesthetics, The handling of product craftsmanship and human details has provided a boutique, ultimate home furnishing and matching solution for countless human settlements, explaining the new experience of the overall layout of modern new Chinese furniture, leading us to the new generation of Chinese home culture.